Forum of International Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies, EIG, its member companies and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations have joined the fight against the COVID-19 virus on several fronts. Member companies have focused their research on finding an effective cure and vaccine while also providing assistance to healthcare systems in local environments in the form of donations of funding and equipment. 

Member companies and the Forum have contributed about 853,000 Eur to the fight against COVID-19 in Slovenia to date. Forum members and Forum have donated goods - medicines, protective and medical equipment - and funds. And the aid to Slovenian healthcare is continuing as many requests received by Forum members are still being approved.

“At the onset of the pandemic member companies of the Forum of International Research and Development Pharmaceutical Companies, EIG, have immediately activated their available resources and directed their efforts towards finding an effective vaccine and treatment against the coronavirus. They are also actively participating in multidisciplinary incentives for accelerated development of medicines and diagnostics for COVID-19, including “Therapeutics Accelerator”, “Innovative Medicines Initiative -IMI” and others. Since the development of treatments and vaccines usually requires prolonged procedures, we have been trying to help mitigate the consequences left in the wake of COVID-19 through donations,” said Forum Secretary General mag. Barbara Stegel.

Members of the Forum as the leading representative of the innovative pharmaceutical industry in Slovenia are also actively investing sizable resources in research and development and the search for a treatment and vaccines against COVID-19. The last week of April is the European and also global immunization week which will this year be celebrated under the common slogan of #VaccinesWork. 

Immunization has made a substantial contribution to the health of individuals and the entire population, sustainability of healthcare systems and the well being of society as a whole as it effectively prevents disease and death. Today vaccines can prevent around 30 diseases. The power of vaccines has helped us eradicate smallpox, nearly eradicate polio in Europe and greatly reduce the occurrence of diphtheria. 

The fact that vaccines are an essential component of modern healthcare and their continuous development is a major priority is underlined by our current global battle against the COVID-19 virus. But the development of an effective vaccine requires time, funding and expert knowledge. The search for a coronavirus vaccine is in full force as global research and development pharmaceutical companies focus their time, assets and knowledge on this life saving project. 

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