Illness never sleeps. When everyone else is having 40 winks, illness is running round the block. Illness doesn't sleep like a log or doze in an armchair. You might think it does, but it always gives itself a shake, ups its game and gets on with it. Illness never sleeps, and medical innovation needs to be one step ahead, so that breakthroughs can be made. And we won't rest until we've helped make the world a healthier place for everyone.


Within the next 5 years cutting edge developments in medicine will transform the lives of patients. These are the 6 therapy areas set to make the biggest difference.

CAR-T Cell therapies

We won’t rest until CAR-T cell therapies are able to help the body fight back against cancer and potentially replace a lifetime of aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Research into gene therapy

Gene therapies offer a potential life change for patients with haemophilia B, and we won’t rest until similar rare diseases can be relieved or even cured.

Combining treatments

Combining cancer treatments increases their power, helping people live healthier lives; we won’t rest until NSCLC can be kept under control or even cured.

New Alzheimer's treatments

Alzheimer’s disease is one of Europe’s largest public health crises, but we won’t rest until new treatments can halt it in its tracks.

Cell therapy in diabetes

We won’t rest until cell therapy can replace a lifetime of continuous insulin therapy for patients with diabetes

Antibacterial monoclonal antibodies

We won't rest until antibacterial monoclonal antibodies can slow antibiotic resistance and fight bacterial infections.